Meet the huupe

huupe is the world’s first smart basketball hoop, with a high definition screen for a backboard, that allows you to train like a pro, track your performance and play basketball against other huupe users , right from your driveway. 

On-demand training

Want to learn how to get your shot off on bigger defenders? How to do a step-back? How to handle defensive pressure? How to get stronger without ruining your jumper? The huupe has you covered. 


Strength & Conditioning




Ball handling

Tracking your data with huupe

NBA-level workouts

huupe takes you through the toughest workouts in the world, workouts the pros do. 

Ball Handling


Book a live session with one of our world renowned trainers that works with your schedule. Learn fundamentals, go through drills and take your game to the next level. 

Data is how we measure improvement - so we built something to keep track of everything you do on the court. Using state of the art camera and lidar technology, the huupe tracks your shooting percentage, swishes, trajectory, position on court, speed, agility, release time, vertical jump and more! 


Play with friends, challenge new players, win prizes, and climb the ranks! 

  • 3 point contests

  • Free throw contests

  • Around the world


  • and new games everyday!

Become the best shooter in your city, state, country and world and see how you stack up! 

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Win prizes!