Trainer Certification Required

To become a trainer on Huupe's platform you need to be officially certified by Huupe. To be certified, you must fill out an application, conduct an interview, provide references and submit a 2-5 min demo training session video.

All trainers must meet at least one of the following requirements: 

  • Played 2 or more years of basketball at an NCAA accredited College or University

  • Played professional basketball for 2 or more years

  • 4 or more years of coaching/training experience

  • 4 or more years of teaching experience, preferably in areas of physical education, kinesiology, or fitness. 

  • Demonstrates a unique understanding of the game and/or basketball training techniques. (Requires further interviewing to determine the extent of this unique circumstance)

Applications Closed for 2021

Keep your eyes open for 2022 applications to open up again early next year.

You can apply more than once!





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